A new way for home heat


Sustainable, simple and convenient heating for your home!

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The complete heating node is housed in a sealed enclosure that does not generate nuisance waste or odors.

Quiet operation

The device does not generate any sound for the environment, becoming unnoticeable in the room in which it is installed.


Installing a thermopump still comes out cheaper than a domestic heat pump in some calculations.

Polish technology

Thermopump is a complete heating hub based on a patented, electrically powered heating unit of a heating boiler. All the technology is enclosed in a single cabinet specially designed for this purpose. The patent-protected heating unit is an innovative Polish development that provides highly efficient induction heating of water using the phenomenon of cavitation.

How does it work in practice?

Water flowing through the heating element we use heats up
is much faster than is the case with traditional boilers
Heating machines equipped with electric heaters.
This means that to heat the water contained in the central heating system
we need much less time, and therefore energy, than is the case
In other heating systems.

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