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PV installations

Photovoltaic installations are our speciality

Cheap electricity for all

We are one of the leaders of the well-growing photovoltaic industry in Poland. Offering professional installation and components from world leading companies, we guarantee failure-free and long-term operation of our installations.

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Objective advice

Our experts will explain every aspect of PV panel installation


Every step of our project implementation coincides with the legal documentation that is maintained

Technical implementation

We make sure that each PV installation carried out complies with the law and technical conditions

Comprehensive PV realizations

Installation of the system

We carry out full installation including documentation from A to Z according to the agreed terms of execution

Connecting the installation

We take care of the complete system configuration and connect the installation of the power grid

Maintenance Service and Monitoring

We carry out technical surveys in accordance with the dates agreed

Execution of the order

Step 1

Project planning

Before the work starts all steps of implementations are being discussed,
deadlines and costs communicated

Step 2

Project Analysis

Every single offer is designed for purpose to meet your specific needs
and ensure successful cooperation in the future

Step 3

Project implementation

We offer support at every stage of the project execution, installation
and aftersale support .

Step 4

The final result

Completion of work is preceded by a detailed audit. We check if all the objectives were met in accordance with technical and legal principles.

Photovoltaic Power Stations

We will build a complete power station which will be a long lasting income source as it will supply power into the electricity grid.

Photovoltaic Micro-Installations

PV installation is a great step to self sufficiency. Micro-installation on your house or company building will let you produce your own power and reduce your electricity bill.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stattions

Have your own EV charging station in your backyard or in front of your company!

Heat Pump Systems

PV installation is a great step to self sufficiency. Micro-installation on your house or company building will let you produce your own power and reduce your electricity bill.

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Renewable energy
is the future of energy

We are the leader in the national renewable energy sources market which is strongly supported by the European Union that allocates billions of euros to renewable energy sources and invests in individual photovoltaic installations. Thanks to that, everyone has a possibility to build a private installation and save money on family expenses.

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Your own
EV charging station

Gain independence thanks to your own EV charing station and be your own energy supplier!
Our offer is made for everyone who wants to own a charging station for private or commercial use.

Every project is our priority!

The highest efficiency solar panels.

Transaction security

All transactions are done via bank transfers with invoices generated so you can be sure of the process safety.

The best prices

We understand your needs and adjust the installations to your own investment possibilities using the best PV technology.

A team of highly qualified professionals.

We are the market leader
We  have installed hundreds of PV installations for single-family housese and  companies.

Proven quality

Our products are tested and have been most effective for families, farmers and companies for many years.

Innovative Renewable Energy Sources

We live in a world of rapid technological development. It is the best moment to use possibilities offered by PV installations. We are looking forward to working with you.


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