feel relief from the lower temperature

Air conditioning

Your way to a better quality of life

Comfort of use

Don't be surprised on hot days and take advantage of the features of air conditioning in your apartment.

Temperature control

You control the temperature of the space where you live or work.

A proven solution

We have performed several hundred installations, we know that our products provide a satisfaction guarantee!

Choose your air conditioning model

State-of-the-art equipment to improve the comfort of your home or workplace.

HYUNDAI 2.6kW Elite White Wall Air Conditioner HRP-M09ELWI/2 + HRP-M09ELWO/2

HYUNDAI Wall-mounted air conditioner 3.6kW Elite White HRP-M12ELWI/2 + HRP-M12ELWO/2

HYUNDAI 5.3kW Elite White wall air conditioner HRP-M18ELWI/2 + HRP-M18ELWO/2

HYUNDAI 7.0kW Elite White Wall Air Conditioner HRP-M24ELWI/2 + HRP-M24ELWO/2

HYUNDAI 2.6kW Revolution HRP-M09RI + HRP-M09RO/2 Wall Air Conditioner

HYUNDAI 3.6kW Revolution HRP-M12RI + HRP-M12RO/2 Wall Air Conditioner

HYUNDAI 5.3kW Revolution HRP-M18RI + HRP-M18RO/2 Wall Air Conditioner

HYUNDAI 7.0kW Revolution HRP-M24RI + HRP-M24RO/2 Wall Air Conditioner

Grants you can use

EU programs are funds that you can use to accelerate the implementation of certain installations. Check which program interests you or contact our specialist. We will try to advise you on which program you can use.

The relief thermo-modernisation relief

By replacing your heating stove, you can take advantage of the thermal insulation tax credit. The program will allow a tax deduction of up to PLN 53,000

Program agroenergy

Funding of up to 20% of eligible costs for farmers who plan to buy a heat pump for their property.

Program stop smog

The current program offers up to 70% of the incurred cost of installing and buying a heat pump.

Program clean air

The program is aimed only at individuals for the purchase and installation of a heat pump. Funding ranges from PLN 25,000 to PLN 69,000.

Program my heat

The program features reimbursement of 50% of eligible costs, as well as up to 100% of eligible costs in the form of a loan.

Subsidies regional

Contact us to learn about the scope of other regional grants. Specific municipalities and city halls present their own heat pump subsidy programs that you can take advantage of. Call your office and ask about the current grant program!

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