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We are the leader in the national renewable energy sources market The current energy situation is strongly supported and developed by the European Union, with billions of euros in further subsidies for households.

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As a Lodz-based company based in Aleksandrow Lodzki. We offer services for small and large photovoltaics, car chargers and heat pumps. We install small PV systems and huge power plants for private and cooperate customers in Poland. We cooperate with PV industry market leaders – T&T Proenergy, ARCHIGON. z o. o. We invite you to work with us and contact our custodians, who will be happy to guide you through the investment process. Complete initial stage will take place online or over the phone. It will consist of planning the project, providing costs and selecting adequate power capacity.

Our goal

We know well that electricity is very important for everyone. Therefore, each new implementation is our highest priority your satisfaction.

the people who make up the company

Meet our team

Zbigniew Górczak


Managing team and company Many years of experience in the photovoltaic industry.

Dariusz Wróblewski

Proxy of the Management Board

Businessman with many years of experience in the electric power industry.


Why us?

As a company Expanse Plus, we have so far built photovoltaic installations with a capacity of several hundred MW, we are currently in the process of proceeding with new farms with a total capacity of almost 1GW 300MW, which gives us the position of undisputed leader among Polish companies.

We build for generations

We provide comprehensive services for investments, construction of small and large photovoltaic power plants

Learn about the communication process

1. analysis of construction options

2. preparation of preliminary documentation

3. obtain all permits

4. construction and detailed design of the installation

5. obtaining financing and credit

6. obtaining concessions

7. obtaining insurance

8. construction of a photovoltaic farm

9. sale of electricity

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Write to us and our specialist will contact you!

Photovoltaics for home and business

Gain energy independence with Expanse Plus!

We invite you to fruitful cooperation

We have experience developed over years and hundreds of installations, which still serve all our customers today.

Use our experience for your own profit generation and savings.


We are working closely with a Polish blockchain-based crowdfunding platform, where we have raised $443,460 for a 0.5MW project.

Tecra also has its own cryptocurrency, TecraCoin.


Our company is environmentally friendly. Through our activities, we aim to support technologies that reduce environmental pollution.



Expanse Plus has established a strategic partnership with the Iraqi government, under which we are currently proceeding with the construction of two large-scale photovoltaic farms in two locations in Kurdistan.

We are striving for cooperation that will guarantee us a leading position in the sale of renewable energy in Iraq.


As a socially responsible company, we are in the process of building two waste incineration plants using RDF fraction thermal treatment technology with cogeneration. In this regard, we are making our contribution to responsible recycling.

We reach anywhere in the world


We are actively working with major technology suppliers from countries such as Germany, China and the US.

Thanks to many years of cooperation with industry leaders, our customers receive the highest quality components, taking into account the most favorable price conditions.

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