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Cooperation with the largest energy operators in the country results in expansion in the domestic and foreign markets

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We realize the investment of any energy demand

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Our products have applied certificates and quality guarantees

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Undertaking implementation, our technicians install the selected technology as required.


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Benefit from an ecological infrastructure that works for you. Our advantage over competitors is a great experience in installing, implementing and agreeing on power supplies with Polish electricity providers. We are also experienced in photovoltaic power plants management. Our team has experience gained over the years in designing and installing PV power plants.

Do not stay behind, we will take care of everything!

Business solutions.

Maximum profits at the lowest possible price thanks to the most efficient systems. Installations have a minimum service life of 25 years which is the main reason why systems should be designed and installed by certified and experienced professionals. It is possible while selecting the right general contractor.

Take care of the future by ensuring self-sufficiency for yourself and your loved ones. Don’t worry about rising electricity bills any longer – produce it yourself! Contact us and we’ll help you through the entire process of installing photovoltaic panels on your home or business stress-free.

7 years of experience

The best PV technology quality

Many years of service cooperation

Practical and technical skills

Service and maintenance of photovoltaic farms

We offer monitoring and management of photovoltaic power plants and take responsibility for the system proper operation. We offer the best quality! Therefore, the investment is not risky and this translates into the best possible returns. We have the required credentials, knowledge and experience to complete the project as planned. We cooperate with many banks and financial institutions what makes it easier to get funding.

We are proud of the products we offer!

Reliable safety system and warranty

Taking care of the greatest efficiency of the installation and a quick return on investment, we offer components from the world’s leading manufacturers, which is associated with their failure-free and long-term operation. Having our own service department, we are able to respond immediately to any faults. We will select and install the most optimal installation for you, take care of the formalities and provide warranty service.

Full control

The technology used is integrated with control systems and applications, so you can control installations in real time.

24/7 service support

We provide monitoring of your power plant and service up to 2 working days. We will not leave you behind!

Photovoltaic power plants.

Additional energy source

A photovoltaic farm is a solution that can secure your business with a steady supply of electricity and generate big savings on bills from power plants. Wise decisions, they pay off quickly.

Security of the electricity supply

Own source of electricity guarantees stable and uninterrupted business work for every company in the world


Money previously spent on electricity can be used on something else

Subsidies for PV

There is no better time than now to get subsidies for your PV power plant

thermo-modernisation relief

You gain not only a new source of income but also tax reliefs

Subsidies for photovoltaics

Get funding to install your photovoltaics! Become independent of energy sources by producing your own electricity.

Program my current

The program features reimbursement of 50% of eligible costs, as well as up to 100% of eligible costs in the form of a loan.

Subsidies regional

Contact us to learn about the scope of other regional grants. Specific municipalities and city halls present their own heat pump subsidy programs that you can take advantage of. Call your office and ask about the current grant program!



It is the conversion of light into electricity using semiconducting materials that exhibit the photovoltaic effect.

Everyday solar radiation reaches the upper layers of the earth atmosphere with an intensity of 1366.1 W/m². Part of solar energy is reflected into space or absorbed by the atmosphere but most of it reaches Earth surface. The sum of the solar radiation that reaches Earth surface during one year is approximately 1100 kWh/(m²*year). The photovoltaic system converts this energy from the sun into free electricity. It is one of the most innovative and eco-friendly technologies.

The photoelectric cells convert sunlight into electrical energy. They are built of semiconductor materials similar to those used in a computer processor. When the photons (sunlight) hits the solar plate they are absorbed by it, consequently, the solar energy knocks out free electrons from atoms and electron flows are being produced which are the basis of electricity. The process of converting sunlight into electricity is called a photovoltaic process.

PV panels generate electricity as long as the sunlight reaches them. Low temperature does not affect the installations because PV panels work well in cold temperatures. A layer of snow on the panels does not stop the sunlight from reaching them. The downside of this time of year for photovoltaic installation is the short time between sunrise and sunset.

PV installation can be built by everyone who has ownership rights for the real estate on which it is going to be built. Contraindications for PV installation are lots of shading and the bad state of the roof.

PV panels can be built on the building roofs or special constructions built on the ground. The condition for effective work of PV panels is direct sunlight and lack of shading.

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