A complete boiler room – an air/water heat pump of 6, 9, 12 and 15 kW with a tank.

  • Touchscreen color controller controller
  • WiFi module as standard
  • MONOBLOK, environmentally friendly R32 sensor
  • Very quiet – 52/30dB (0/5 m from the device)
  • 3-stage protection against freezing of the device
  • Energy class A+++
  • Efficient Mitsubishi compressor
  • 250-liter Legionella-free tank
  • Easy installation
  • 6, 9, 12 or 15 kW of heating power from the heat pump
  • 0,5 + 3 + 3 kW electric heater power
  • Automatically switched peak heat source
  • Efficient heat pump operation down to -25°C
  • Reasonable investment + high efficiency = short payback time
  • Nano coating of the evaporator
  • Integrated solution for heating/cooling and domestic hot water

Performance and modern aesthetics

We successfully install the AWT-R32 series units not only in new, but also in existing buildings throughout Poland.

It is an innovative system that is used both for heating or cooling the house, as well as for heating domestic water.. Air source heat pump AVT-R32-M V6 – MONOBLOC TANK is, however, not only very good technical parameters, but also compact design and modern appearance of the indoor unit. It takes up only 60×70 cm of the floor, or less than 1 m2! In addition, all connections are made on top.

A complete boiler room in a compact unit

Without a doubt, a very important advantage of the AWT-R32 series air heat pump is its compactness. Compactness means that the indoor unit (occupying less than 1m2!) already houses both the 250-liter tank, as well as the control system, circulating pump, heat exchanger and electric heaters. In addition, the system has only 6 connections – two pipes to the outdoor unit, the inlet and outlet of the heating circuit, as well as the cold water inlet and hot water outlet. This solution significantly simplifies and thus speeds up the installation of the device.

Quick, hassle-free installation

Another advantage of the AWT-R32-M V6 – MONOBLOC TANK air heat pump is its simple yet economical installation. Since its outdoor unit is equipped with a closed refrigerant circuit, and the heat exchanger is already installed in it, it is connected directly to the heating system. The assistance of refrigeration technicians is not required for this process.

Equally important, the AWT-R32 series heat pump also features an automatic yet self-learning defrost function and a nano-coated evaporator. As a result, the efficiency of the installation is increased and defrosting time is kept to a minimum.

Low power consumption

The AWT-R32-M V6 – MONOBLOC TANK air source heat pump is an A+++ energy class unit. By using inverter technology, it automatically adjusts its power to the current heat demand of the house. As a result, the system significantly reduces power consumption compared to traditional controllers.

Built-in controller

With it, the system adjusts the temperature of the heating water to the temperature outside. The colder it gets outside, the warmer water will be supplied to the circuit. The built-in controller significantly increases the efficiency of the AWT-R32-M V6 – MONOBLOC TANK heat pump.

Legionella-free 250-liter tank

These bacteria very often colonize hot water systems or air conditioning systems. Since in the AWT-R32-M V6 series the 250-liter tank is an integrated part of the indoor unit and domestic hot water is heated in the flow, there is no risk of Legionella bacilli.

Remote control of parameters

The Wi-Fi module is one of the features of the Swedish AWT-R32 series of heat pumps. With it, it is possible to remotely perform parameter checks and diagnostics by an authorized service. In the event of any problems, this significantly reduces the time spent waiting for the system to recover.

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