AWH 20-V5+

20 kW power – economical, comfortable and environmentally friendly

  • Energy class A++
  • Automatic restart after power outage
  • Effective operation down to -25oC outside temperature
  • Panasonic inverter compressor
  • Reasonable price and short payback period
  • Nano coating of the evaporator
  • Variety of connections

Save on heating costs by adding a heat pump to your existing heating system.

Don’t throw away the old boiler – use it as a peak heat source. The AWH is designed to integrate easily into existing heating systems. If the need arises, the heater will support its work. The outdoor unit is stylish and compact which makes it easy to install in a small space. The indoor unit is equipped with a circulating pump, heat exchanger and controller.

For the Scandinavian market.

A split system with complete winter equipment, which means that the heat exchange with the building’s heating system takes place inside and only the refrigeration system is outside. This is the most effective and safe solution in cold climates. Thanks to inverter technology, the heat pump automatically adjusts the heating output to the building’s demand based on the outside temperature.

Top-of-the-line defrosting; nano-coating of evaporator.

A large amount of air flows through the exchanger from which heat is removed, so a layer of ice forms on the external exchanger. The ES defrost program works in such a way that defrosting is done only when needed. The surface of the evaporator has been coated with a nano-coating to nullify ice formation and increase the efficiency of the heat pump.

Complete heat control.

The V5+ series is equipped with a complete control based on the heating curve. The lower the outside temperature, the higher the water temperature is supplied to the heating circuit. This feature increases the efficiency of the heat pump, as we deliver the heating medium at exactly the temperature required by the building.

  • The indoor unit is equipped with a heat exchanger, a controller and a low-energy circulation pump.
  • The indoor and outdoor units are connected by refrigeration pipes, which reduces the possibility of damage to the unit in the event of a power outage.
  • The heat pump is suitable for both new buildings and extensions to existing heating systems, with which it integrates well.
  • If the heat pump covers 50% of the building’s demand on the coldest days in cold climates, it normally covers 80-90% of the building’s heat demand during the year.
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