An economical yet environmentally friendly source of energy for home heating and domestic water. The NPH-V7 NORDIC PLUS HYDROBOX air-to-water heat pump of 6, 9, 11 and 13 kW is a SPLIT installation with an inverter compressor and nano-coated evaporator.

Advantages of NPH-V7 NORDIC PLUS HYDROBOX heat pump:

  • Energy class A++/A++
  • Operation in temperatures down to -25°C
  • Possibility to operate two heating circuits
  • Automatic restart of the installation in case of power failure
  • Color touchscreen display
  • Wi-Fi module

SPLIT heat pumps – what does it mean?

The most significant thing about them is that the gas system is housed in a compact outdoor unit. This works perfectly in the frigid Scandinavian climate, so here too the SPLIT air source heat pump will easily heat the house and domestic water all year round. In addition, they are less likely to be damaged in the event of power shortages.

The inverter control, on the other hand, ensures that the system will match the heating output to the facility’s current demand.

Save even more and add it to your existing heating system!

The old boiler can be used as a peak heat source. The NPH-V7 series is extremely easy to integrate into existing systems. If necessary, the heater of the old boiler can support their work.

Heat control

The V7 series installations owe their high performance to, among other things. complete heat control based on the heating curve. The lower the temperatures outside, the higher the temperature of the circulating water. The heating medium is more exactly the temperature that the building currently requires.

Evaporator with nano coating

The large amount of air flowing through the heat exchanger causes a layer of ice to form on the external exchanger. The nano coating that the evaporator has been coated with prevents the evaporator from molding, which increases the efficiency of the device. In addition, the ES defrost program turns on only when necessary.

Wi-Fi module

It allows the NPH-V7 series air-to-water heat pumps to not only remotely control parameters, but also diagnostics that can be carried out by authorized service without having to come.

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