A source of energy needed to heat a home suitable for any location? Regardless of soil type or groundwater availability? NPT-V7 NORDIC PLUS TANK series air-to-water heat pump is a very efficient solution that will allow them to efficiently and cheaply heat or cool the house, as well as heat domestic water.

Air is a completely free, environmentally friendly and at the same time a very good energy carrier easy to obtain regardless of location! At the same time, the NPT-V7 NORDIC PLUS TANK heat pump is a complete boiler plant with an integrated tank, with a heating capacity of 6, 9, 11 or 13 kW.

What else makes the NPT-V7 NORDIC PLUS TANK a solution that will work in your home?

  • Modern design
  • Simple and quick installation
  • Control via color touchscreen controller or with Wi-Fi module
  • The same parameters in SPLIT and MONOBLOK options
  • Energy class A++/A++
  • Consistent performance even at temperatures as low as -25°C
  • Peak heat source switched on automatically
  • Electric heater power: 0.5 + 3 + 3 kW
  • 250 l tank without the risk of Legionella bacteria proliferation
  • Nano-coated evaporator

Modern boiler room on less than 1m2

The NPT-V7 series of air source heat pumps is a system designed for installation in both newly constructed buildings and existing facilities. Their indoor unit houses a 250-liter tank, a heat exchanger, a circulation pump, three electric heaters, and an intuitive-to-use control system, and the whole thing takes up no more than 60 x 65 cm of floor space! At the same time, the modern design of the housing and the localization of all connections on the top makes the device look very aesthetically pleasing regardless of where it is installed.

It’s an integrated system that allows you to heat or cool your entire home, as well as heat domestic water for the benefit of both your household budget and the environment.

Series designed to work even at low temperatures

In the SPLIT version, only the gas system is located outside. This makes it virtually impossible to destroy the device in the event of a power outage due to sub-zero temperatures. The MONOBLOK version, on the other hand, is equipped with up to three-stage protection of the external exchanger against the effects of frost.

Maximum savings

The NPT-V7 series of air-to-water heat pumps we offer are A+++/A++ energy-rated units that use inverter technology. The heating power of the system is thus matched to the current heating demand of the house or other type of building, thus reducing electricity consumption to the necessary minimum.

It’s an integrated system that allows you to heat or cool your entire home, as well as heat domestic water for the benefit of both your household budget and the environment.

Intuitive controller or remote control of parameters

The NPT-V7 series air source heat pumps feature an easy-to-use color touchscreen controller, as well as a Wi-Fi module. The Wi-Fi module allows remote control of parameters, as well as professional diagnostics by an authorized service provider as soon as the request is accepted.

In addition, each system is equipped with a built-in controller that adjusts the temperature of the heating water to the current outdoor conditions. The lower the temperatures outside, the higher the temperature in the heating circuit. Thanks to the built-in controller, the operation of the entire system is even more efficient and adapted to the current demand.

Optimum domestic water tank

In order to provide you with constant access to domestic water heated by the heat pump, the system is equipped with an integrated tank with a capacity of as much as 250 liters. This is the optimal capacity for most households. At the same time, heating the water in the flow eliminates the risk of proliferation of the dangerous Legionella bacteria.

Hassle-free installation

NPT-V7 series air heat pumps are only 6 connections – cold water inlet, hot water outlet, heating circuit inlet and outlet, and two refrigeration circuit pipes. Locating all these connections at the top further simplifies the installation of the system. Installation couldn’t be any faster or easier!

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