Complete boiler room in one ground source heat pump with buffer, modern control, hot water generation station and controls.

The EcoHeat 400 has many new features and components including our newly designed refrigeration system, a highly efficient compressor, an electronic expansion valve and variable flow capacity, which is realized by energy-efficient variable displacement pumps. The compressor and refrigeration system components are now enclosed in a sealed, soundproof enclosure. This results in a significant reduction in the volume of the device. The compressor unit can be removed easily for easy installation and quick service.
The lower source can be easily connected to the left, right or rear of the heat pump using the included flexible hoses. Designing from the ground up allowed us to increase the amount of hot water produced. Our solution provides the user with hot water protection against Legionella and greater efficiency from a smaller upper tank capacity. You get water whenever you need it.

  • Highest COP on the market 4.60 (B0/W35); 5.24 (B5/W35) according to EN14511
  • 4 heating capacities: 6, 8, 10 and 12 kW
  • Color 4.3″ touchscreen display with intuitive Polish language menu
  • Buffer tank divided into two insulated parts – 220 liters
  • Charging temperature of the upper tank with temperatures as high as 68 stC
  • Domestic hot water produced by flow in a finned copper coil (no Legionella bacteria)
  • Operation of 2 heating circuits (mixers) as standard
  • Built-in 4-way mixing valve
  • Built-in electric heater 30×0.3kW
  • Weekly work programming, vacation mode
  • Possibility to control SMS, via internet
  • The possibility of using a passive cooling attachment.
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