A heat pump that draws heat from rock, soil and lake.

The CTC EcoPart 400 is a compact heat pump that provides heating for homes or small industrial buildings.

The CTC EcoPart 400 is a highly efficient heat pump with the same performance as the CTC EcoHeat 300, but without the control. Thanks to a newly designed refrigeration system and a highly efficient compressor, the EcoPart 400 can produce water at 65 degrees Celsius, providing warmer radiators and more hot water. The device is suitable for buildings requiring high supply temperatures for heating circuits.

Advantages of the CTC EcoPart 400:

  • For homes and large buildings
  • 65 °C supply temperature
  • Available in six sizes: 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 and 17 kW.
  • Several CTC EcoPart units can be combined to form a cascade.
  • Can be placed in rooms with low ceilings
  • Quiet scroll compressor
  • Soft start function
  • A variety of connections.
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