Ten models: the most compact and the best performance!

The use of inverter technology along with brushless DC motors ensures higher overall energy efficiency of the equipment due to high and efficient power modulation. In addition, the high quality of the other components ensures an improvement in COP and EER and a significant increase in part load efficiency.

• All units can operate in three different modes: heating, cooling and DHW heating, with special programs that increase efficiency in all conditions, with possible temperature curve management.
• V5 series units are able to operate mixing valves, switching valves and circulating pumps; They are also able to control the solar system. It is possible to integrate with external ie heat sources and with external home automation systems or Domotic. All i-32 / V5 series can be controlled remotely (HI-T accessory), gaining direct access to the system from any browser (connection to the existing network via Ethernet cable).

• Proprietary control system. Microprocessor control of the electronic expansion valve (optimal superheating).
• Kompresor: Twin Rotary DC inverter MITSUBISHI
• Fan: axial fan with mudulated speed (DC).
• Evaporator. Optimized circuit with copper tubes and aluminum ribbing.
• Condenser. Plate – made of AISI 304 stainless steel with reduced pressure drop on the water side.
• Refrigeration circuit: the circuit consists of copper pipes and includes: condensation control, electronic expansion valve, 4-way valve, high/low pressure switch, liquid separator and receiver, maintenance and control valves, dual inlet pressure, high and low pressure inverters .
• Integrated hydraulic circuit: high-efficiency electronic variable displacement circulating pump, expansion tank, flow sensor, vent valve, safety valve (6 bar), pressure gauge, drain and fill valve.

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